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  • An Overview of ACE's

    Adverse Childhood Experience is a public health disaster. Until very recently, this public health disaster has been hidden from view. Our society has treated the abuse, maltreatment, violence, and chaotic experiences of our children as an oddity that is adequately dealt with by emergency response systems—child protective services, criminal justice, foster care, and alternative schools—to name a few. These services are needed and are worthy of support—but they are a dressing on a greater wound.The ACE Study has become a bridge—a connecting point—for people from diverse communities and multiple disciplines and service sectors including: early childhood development, educators, juvenile and adult justice and corrections, lawyers and the judiciary, substance abuse and mental health, social work, foster care, pediatrics and other primary care providers, public and private executives, Tribal leaders and legislators. Thus, the interfaces are many as the diverse issues in each of these have common origins in the neurodevelopmental and epigenetic impacts of childhood adversity. Join the conversation and learn how understanding Adverse Childhood Experience may impact you in your work, daily life, and relationships with others. This information is relevant to anyone who engages with children and families - parents, grandparents, professionals, etc.